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Advanced Topics in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

"I love fools' experiments.
I am always making them."
-Charles Darwin

Advanced Topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Welcome to the course website for Advanced Topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. If all goes to plan, we will be meeting in person this year, though the first class will be via ZOOM (link below). On this site, you will find all materials and links for the course. See Syllabus and Schedule for details (links also below). Assignments will be turned in via Canvas, and contributed questions will be included in Box.

Prior to our class meetings:

  • Critically read the reading assignment!
  • Contribute 3 questions to the relevant docx file on Box. Make sure you are logged into Box to edit.
  • Are you the Discussion lead? If so, write and submit via Canvas an outline describing:
    • Necessary background context and definitions
    • Explanation of key figures
    • Connection of the topic to Systems themes:
      • Whether the (and which) conclusions depend on the empirical, experimental, observational, computational investigation of biological systems across multiple scales of organization.
      • The ways in which data related to the topic capture emergent properties of populations and networks.
  • Is there a Synthesis due? If so, submit it via Canvas before the class meeting on the due date. What is a Synthesis?


  • Class Meeting time: TR 9:00-10:15 in CLSSRM 266 or on Zoom
  • Justin Yeakel Office Hours: Zoom MW 10-11AM