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J. D. Yeakel

Associate professor at UC-Merced;
Former Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute

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Rebuttal in PNAS

Recently, our paper on reconstructing and analyzing the structure and function of ecological networks in Ancient Egypt (published in PNAS this past September...


GSA Travel Fail

I've always wanted to go to the Geological Society of America conference -- I have a lot of friends who are geologists/geophysicists and go every year, and a...

New Website

This is my first post to my GitHub website powered by Jekyll. I have a lot to learn.

Collapse of an Ancient Egyptian Food Web in PNAS

Egyptian artisans were keen observers of the natural world and recorded these observations in their work. For example, the tombs of pharaohs were illustrated...

A Perturbation Approach to Explore Stock Recruitment Relationships

Models of stock recruitment are fundamental to fish population dynamics, describing how reproduction (in terms of the biomass of new recruits) changes as a f...

Exploring the Life History Diversity of Steelhead Salmon

Populations of animals can be quite complex… they can be composed of many different age classes with individuals seeking out different strategies with the co...


Synchronisation and Stability in River Metapopulation Networks in Ecology Letters

The immigration and emigration of individuals to and from populations within a metapopulation allows abundant populations to rescue those nearing extinction....

Exploring the Constraints of Hominin Foraging Behaviors

Many hominin species are distinguished by their large teeth. Notably, the genus Paranthropus had enormous bunodont molars covered in thick enamel. The evolut...

Dietary Flexibility, Food Webs, and the Last Glacial Maximum

We look at spatial and temporal variation in diet on both species-specific and community-level scales. We show that dietary flexibility distinguished bears a...