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J. D. Yeakel

Associate professor at UC-Merced;
Former Omidyar Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute

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Frequent Collaborators

Frequent Collaborators

Nathaniel J. Dominy
Associate Professory, Dartmouth College, USA
Human evolution, dietary ecology, primates

Kena Fox-Dobbs
University of Puget Sound, USA
Stable isotopes, African ecology, nutrient cycling

Thilo Gross
Associate Professor, University of Bristol, UK
Dynamic systems, Networks, food webs, complexity

Paulo R. Guimarães Jr.
Professor, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Ecological networks, mutualisms, coevolution, food webs

Paul L. Koch
Full Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Stable isotopes, paleoecology, paleoclimate

Marc Mangel
Distinguished Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Center for Stock Assessment and Research
University of Bergen, Norway
Theoretical biology, behavioral ecology, stochastic processes, stock dynamics

Jonathan W. Moore
Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Freshwater ecology, salmon, watershed dynamics, life history

Seth D. Newsome
Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico, USA
Stable isotopes, dietary ecology, paleoecology, niche dynamics

Mark Novak
Assistant Professor, Oregon State University, USA
Trophic dynamics, theoretical biology, intertidal systems

Mathias M. Pires
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Food webs, paleoecology, trophic dynamics, community ecology

Lars Rudolf
Researcher, University of Bristol, UK
Max Plank Institute for Complex System, Dresden Germany
Community dynamics, food webs, dynamic systems